Tole Sap River

Kampong Kleang

Kampong Kleang is a beautiful community on Tole Sap River. It locates about 40 min drive from Siem Reap. The unique of this community is the house is not floated but it stands with the 10meteres from the water in dry season and about 2 meters in dry season. The imagines of this community are amazing, food and homestay are lovely. Read more

Houy Haouy school in laos

Houy Haouy school

GROUND Laos’ Sone has been in the south of Laos in Pakse since 2008 and loves local villages and communities around there.
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gundong indonesia

Pundong Community

In 2006, an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale shook Yogyakarta. It happened in the morning when many people were still at home. The results were devastating. More than 5,000 people lost their lives and more than 200,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed. Read more

Thai Weaving in Baan Ja Bo Village

Experiencing authentic local culture is one of GROUND’s core activities and with GROUND in Thailand, we will take you to Baan Ja Bo Village in Mae Hong Sorn. Baan Ja Bo village is a Black Lahu Tribe village located in the mountains. Read more