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Kampong Kleang is located approximately 50 kilometers south of Siem Reap. The community is made of ten floating villages built on stilts. These floating houses are on the Tonle Sap lake, which floods annually: the lake overflows during the monsoon season and drains back into the Mekong River for the rest of the year.


Chom Thong Kindergarten Development Project

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One of our ongoing community service learning projects focuses on Baan Boon Na in northern Thailand.


Benefits of Experiential Learning

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Experiential learning provides students with real experiences outside the classroom from which they can develop lifelong practical skills and adapt quickly and pragmatically in problematic or unfamiliar situations.

Travel Journal Writing

Tips for Journal Writing when Traveling Abroad

At GROUND Asia, we work closely with educators and students to customise meaningful community service projects. We believe keeping a journal while studying abroad benefits students.

Healthcare placement

Practical ECG training in Java Healthcare Placement

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Indonesia’s diverse geographical condition, ranging from mountains to coastal areas, causes a wide variety of health conditions, and the lifestyles and diets of people from different ethnic backgrounds also have a unique impact on public wellbeing.

Peace Village and Rehab Hospital Healthcare Placement 1

Peace Village and Rehab Hospital Healthcare Placement

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Community development is GROUND Asia’s first priority and we take care to ensure all of our university placements and educational travel programs are both sustainable and responsible.

Responsible Traveler Training

Responsible Traveler Training

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For the past three months, all of our GROUND Asia staff have been involved in refining our Responsible Traveler training manual, and we are now delighted to share some of it with you.

Environmental Studies in Indonesia Features

Environmental placement in Indonesia

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Among our many educational travel programs, our environmental studies placement in Indonesia provides insights into the bridge between culture & the environment.

Five Benefits for Teachers Traveling with Students Main (1)

Five Benefits for Teachers Traveling with Students


Five reasons we believe joining one of our customized educational high school and university travel programs will be a positive move for your career.

Outdoor Adventures in Thailand main 1920 (1)

Outdoor Adventures in Thailand

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Outdoor adventures in Thailand can play a key part in developing students’ resilience and leadership skills. As well as being a whole lot of fun to take part in!