Cultures of Indonesia’s Mountain People

Bromo is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia which is a favourite destination for both local and foreign tourists. It is located in East Java, right in between Yogyakarta and Bali.
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Window shopping Phnom Penh night market

If you are looking to go shopping in the evening in Phnom Penh, the night market is a great place to go and see. It’s located along the riverside, close to Phnom Penh port. It’s open daily from 5.30pm till 11pm. During the weekday there are not so many people, but you will find that it is very crowded at weekends.  Read more

Vietnam’s traditional iconic hat Non La

Among Vietnam’s symbols, bamboo trees represent Vietnamese people’s solidarity; the lotus flower is for our timeless beauty; and the iconic hat, Non la , is the image that reminds people of Vietnamese women’s elegance.

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Elephant activities with GROUND Thailand

Thai people have had a close relationship with elephants for a long time and historically elephants were used for heavy labour work, and also even used in wars. In Thailand they are so much a part of life for many people that we sing many songs about them. Learn more about elephant activities and our stand.
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Indonesia Coral Triangle and Marine Ecosystem

Have you ever heard about World Coral Triangle? World Coral Triangle is a geographical term for triangular marine waters near Pacific Ocean that embraces the most extraordinary diversity of coral reef fish species. It also becomes home for 76% of all known coral species in the world.
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Service learning project at Kampong Kleang

Our service learning projects last between 4 to 6 days, depending on the size and the budget of the group. During those days, the group is not just involved in the physical
work, but also students will experience and learn about local Khmer lives on river – by living and sharing accommodation and food with local family and local hosts.
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Vietnamese Signature Drink: Coffee

When someone mentions coffee, you will probably think of Brazil, Colombia or Ethiopia.
But when in Vietnam, it is a must to taste the coffee of the second largest coffee exporter in the world.
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Pad Thai

Four Regions of Thai Cuisne

Thai food is based on ingredients that we have got in the region. We make food from fresh ingredients for the best taste with the great aroma. However in some seasons we have more and some seasons we have less ingredients so we preserve those ingredients for use it long time and create meals. Read more

Making Balinese Daily Offering

The majority of Bali’s population is Hindu. In practice, they perform various ceremonies and rituals. One of them which they do daily – three times a day – is to make offerings called ‘canang sari‘.  Read more

Cycling on Silk Island

When visitors think about the key sites in Phnom Penh, most people have heard that there are only few places to see, like Genocide museum or the Royal Palace. Therefore
most tourists do not plan to stay very long. But those people have missed out on the activities on the other side of Phnom Penh…
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