The Five Stages of Service Learning | GROUND Asia

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Service-learning with students maximizes their capacity for growth and resilience. GROUND Asia encourages teachers to work with students individually to develop and deepen the student’s personal knowledge. We present at every stage of the service-learning process to support teachers and their students.

Floating Pearl Farms in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | GROUND Asia

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Besides kayaking and swimming through the caves along the bay, we recommend visiting a pearl farm and learning about one of these sustainable tourist ventures. The first pearl farms were started about 40 years ago and have expanded to provide jobs to local townspeople and fishermen.

A visit to Plean Yod Tarn community | GROUND Asia

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About two hours outside Bangkok, Plean Yod Tarn is an organic coconut farming community in Samut Songkram. Farmers in this region have a reputation for growing some of the best coconuts in Thailand

IPE healthcare community program in Cambodia | GROUND Asia

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This IPE program aims to incorporate the four components necessary in providing excellent patient care: exposure, immersion, experience, and competence. GROUND Asia exposes health care students to healthcare in a communal setting by working with a local community health care center.

Guidelines for minimising the risk of the Coronavirus | GROUND Asia


Across the world many of our school and university partners have been impacted by the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.For groups who are traveling with us over the coming months, we have implemented the following measures across all of our programs to reduce the risk where possible

Healthcare Programs at Rural Clinics in Indonesia | GROUND Asia

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Healthcare in Indonesia can be summed up in two words: organized disarray. It remains a decentralized system due to the difficulty of the country’s logistics. At GROUND Asia, we perform health check-ups with our healthcare groups at posyandus and puskesmas. Our groups observe, diagnose, and treat patients in distressed communities.

How educational tours can inspire your student’s IB Extended Essay? | GROUND Asia

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As we develop our students into independent thinkers with a drive to blaze their own paths and answer their own questions, we must provide them with the excellent source material. Our educational travel programs do just that while working with rural communities. Together, all parties involved will actively create measurable change with limited time and resources.

How to Fundraise for your Community Service Project | GROUND Asia

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We work closely with educators and students to help build meaningful customized community service projects. We understand that sometimes fundraising is a big step towards making trips a reality. Setting big fundraising numbers seems quite daunting, but the challenge can also motivate students to dig deep and meet their goals.

Tips for Responsible Travel in Asia | GROUND Asia

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Since most groups traveling with GROUND Asia already plan to volunteer a good portion of their trip at one of our many local community development projects, we would like to give our travelers some food for thought before going overseas. When visiting countries that we are unfamiliar with, the idea of responsible traveling is a common courtesy that is often forgotten when people go on vacation.

Community Development near Siem Reap, Cambodia | GROUND Asia

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Kampong Kleang is located approximately 50 kilometers south of Siem Reap. The community is made of ten floating villages built on stilts. These floating houses are on the Tonle Sap lake, which floods annually: the lake overflows during the monsoon season and drains back into the Mekong River for the rest of the year.