Off the beaten track in Pu Luong Title

Off the beaten track in Pu Luong

Our educational program through Northern Vietnam offers student the chance to get off the beaten track as they explore the mountainous region of Pu Luong.


Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-autumn festival is celebrated in some Asian countries including China, Japan, South Korea and also Vietnam.

Hoi An

Hoi An: An ancient beauty of Vietnam

Asia’s ancient towns and cities have always made me curious about the old days of that country. I have seen historical paths when living in Hanoi and visiting George Town in Malaysia.

Exploring Vietnam through the eyes of chefs and travellers

Exploring Vietnam through the eyes of chefs and travellers

Vietnam has been featured on several travel blogs and magazines all over the world.
Let’s explore this country through travel experts’ eyes.

Vietnam’s traditional iconic hat Non La

Among Vietnam’s symbols, bamboo trees represent Vietnamese people’s solidarity; the lotus flower is for our timeless beauty; and the iconic hat, Non la , is the image that reminds people of Vietnamese women’s elegance.

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Vietnamese Signature Drink: Coffee

When someone mentions coffee, you will probably think of Brazil, Colombia or Ethiopia.
But when in Vietnam, it is a must to taste the coffee of the second largest coffee exporter in the world.
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Physiotherapy treatment in Friendship Village, Vietnam

Australian students who came all the way from Melbourne had a great learning experience in Vietnam as they participated in physiotherapy treatment in Friendship village, Hanoi. Read more

A taste of Vietnam

Travelling to Vietnam brings you a great chance to experience one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Let’s explore which makes Vietnamese food so special!
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Supporting Communities in Rural North Vietnam

GROUND groups not only equip the villages with necessary tools like pens, notebooks, blankets, etc. Read more

Teaching English in Local Vietnam Pagodas

In 2012, i joined my friends going to Thanh Luong pagoda to teach English and Literature for kids there. It was a great time playing with the kids while receiving protection from Buddas in Thanh Luong. Unfortunately the project lasted only 1 summer as we lacked of teachers and resources. Read more