Houy Haouy school projects in Laos

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Houy Haouy school in laos

GROUND Laos’ Sone has been in the south of Laos in Pakse since 2008 and loves local villages and communities around there.

Sonethavee Sone Khamheauxay Program Coordinator“I like to go up to Bolavanh plateau area with the Group and stop in villages. I saw one village not far away from Pakse in bolavenh plateau area and I saw a school in the main street. The people in this community are ethnic group minorities, Katu, alak , Souy, etc.

I always stop at this school when I go up there to meet students, we buy them pen and pencil and books to donate and we have been teaching English to them. They feel very happy with what we gave them over 100 students get the book, pen, and pencil and they can learn English a bit, that is very as the school is very poor and it really is important for us and all students and teachers. GROUND supports the school and help support still a lot of things need to fix.

The school has no toilet, No water supply and the ceilings are broken. GROUND works to support with things that the students and teachers in this school need. We plan to have some English teachers volunteering.

laos school students sitting outside

We can do teaching and more activities with this school in the area. We still have a lot of things what we can see and do there, many beautiful waterfalls – Tadfane waterfall, tadyang, tad etu and we do trekking in this area too. GROUND will continue to help and support other schools in Bolavenh area as well.”