Clean Water for Kampong Khleang

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Tole Sap River

Kampong Kleang is a beautiful community on Tole Sap River. It locates about 40 min drive from Siem Reap. The unique of this community is the house is not floated but it stands with the 10meteres from the water in dry season and about 2 meters in dry season. The imagines of this community are amazing, food and homestay are lovely.

Local people go to bed early and rise up very early. They got up about 3/4am to do fishing in the middle of the river. River always busy, people use the boat as transport and there are many different type of boat like varieties of vehicle on the road. People in this community live base on fishing, feeding fishes and crocodiles. They take fresh fishes to sell for people in town or take them to do Prahok (fish paste_ a very famous ingredient of Cambodian), dry fishes or smoke fishes which can keep for long time.

fishing in cambodia

As is it a lakeside area, people use the water from the river itself. Water source in dry season is a problem for people in this community, due to the water level is very low and really poor quality. Sicknesses related to preventable diseases are rather common there.

Join us with our Water filter & Poverty Alleviation Program in order to make local people living better.


Tole Sap River Cambodia